Amazon partner with Downton Abbey


Amazon saw Downton Abbey as the perfect partner and were keen to warm the viewers of the show to both the Kindle and Fire brands whilst demonstrating the benefits of both products.

Amazon were in the midst of their rebrand to simply ‘Kindle’ and ‘Fire’ and the wide demographic of Downton was a great place to air this.


Downton Abbey is the most popular drama series in history – so it was the ideal collaboration for Amazon, which introduces millions to the joy of storytelling. The creative was wonderfully scripted and beautifully shot, creating some of the highest quality idents ever seen on TV – with the touch of class for which Downton is famous. This high-end audience is exactly where they wanted to be pitching their products.


By giving the illusion of ‘Downton on down-time’, Amazon wanted to show an example of how the Kindle and Fire could infiltrate your everyday life. The suggestions that the idents were behind the scenes of a period drama, giving viewers a sneak peek of what the extras could be up to on their breaks.

Amazon knew from the start that they wanted to be a part of the way in which the Downton story transports the viewer to a different place.

It was also important for Amazon to appear in the ‘golden’ quarter of the year, and so the exposure during a high-performing, regular, prime time Sunday night spot ticked all the boxes.


Idents were created for the entirety of Series 5 of Downton Abbey, and Amazon also took part in some multiplatform activity.
With their rights to distribute the Downton Abbey DVD, they were also able to run their own competitions and opportunities to complement the broadcast activity. This allowed Amazon to introduce social media to engage an online audience.


On average the series reached 10.4m people and was by far the best performing drama of 2014. The sponsorship itself grabbed the attention of the media who recognised Amazon’s efforts in being as authentic as possible when it comes to the Downton look and feel. Amazon are also going on to sponsor series 6 of the series, so it’s safe to say that the partnership was a successful one.

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