Anglian Home Improvements: From Pop Idol To Opera Idol

The Challenge

Anglian Home Improvements wanted to align its brand with a peak entertainment programme in order to achieve large, national audience numbers. It wanted to build awareness for the brand in the busy New Year's period and to drive people to interact with Anglian’s Opera blog and competition. The companty also wanted to increase Anglian’s Share of Voice within the market. Sponsorship of Popstar to Operastar was the perfect platform.

The Idea 

Anglian Home Improvements engaged ITV in a TV and online sponsorship along with a licensing deal.

In keeping with their innovative creatives, Anglian Home Improvements held region-wide auditions to find suitable amateur opera singers to feature in the idents. The idents featured singers performing a well known opera song, with varying degrees of success, with the voiceover linking their recital to the brand by the use of taglines such as "there’s always room for improvement".

To drive online traffic, there was an on-screen prompt to the "Popera" website where viewers could upload their own attempts at singing opera, encouraging interaction.

The Results 

The online sponsorship was an astounding success. achieved almost a million page views and 334,254 unique users. Anglian Home Improvements WAS delivered 1.1 million impressions of its sponsorship bumpers, and 3,214 clicks, which equates to a CTR of 0.28 – way above the industry average

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