ASDA In Sync with X Factor Viewers


ASDA’s competitors were spending big bucks on celebrity-filled adverts in the run-up to Christmas so the supermarket needed a unique angle that would resonate with shoppers before their big festive shop and effectively convey its ‘value for money’ message.  


Second-screening is becoming the norm in households across the country so targeting users on whichever screen they happen to be using at the time will be more effective at driving home a brand message. 


ITV’s Ad Sync was the perfect opportunity for ASDA to stand out from its rivals and engage with its customers beyond the 30-second spot. Along with revealing the new ASDA Christmas commercial during The X Factor, the supermarket would also take over The X Factor app with ITV’s Ad Sync format. And as ITV research has revealed that interactive games are the most effective way to engage second screen users, ASDA decided to create the first Ad Sync UGC game. 


ASDA’s Christmas advert features a smiling, green-hatted snowman towering above three sad snowmen wearing yellow, blue and orange scarves (representing ASDA’s three top competitors) and delivers the message that ASDA “beats its rivals by up to 10% on price this Christmas”.

When this Christmas creative launched in the ad break of The X Factor, the Ad Sync creative took over the viewers’ second screen within The X Factor app, asking users to build their very own ASDA snowman, with an array of buttons, hats, scarves and noses to choose from.

When their snowman was complete, users were asked to then share their creation on social media and enter a competition for their chance to win a £500 shop at ASDA this Christmas.

Alongside the Ad Sync game, ASDA also ran a 48-hour takeover on ITV Player The X Factor episode pages on for the launch weekend.

"We’ve developed a campaign which means you won’t be able to pick up a newspaper, watch TV or go online without seeing one of our products or adverts," said ASDA CMO Steve Smith.

He also added that despite the company spending 10% less on its year’s media plan, “the reach and frequency will be much higher”. 


When the ASDA Ad Sync launched to over 102k users, 54% started to engage with the game. 36k went on to create their own personalised ASDA snowman during the three-minute takeover of the app. 14% of the snowmen were shared on social media and the click-through rate was 20% – double the Ad Sync average (and 40x greater than the average click-through rate for mobile banners!).

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