Gocompare.com: Gio Returns!


Gocompare.com were looking to create a stand-out campaign for the return of their opera singing character, Gio Compario, to our screens.


ITV’s “Proud to Present” proposition allows a brand to tap into the trusted and warm relationship we have with our viewers to alert viewers that something special is about to be revealed.


To launch the new Gocompare.com ad with a bespoke ITV P2P introduction in a surprising environment. We all felt that there was no better place to do this than the nation’s much-loved reveal show, Surprise Surprise.


We wanted to create anticipation for the launch in order to drive appointment to view, without revealing the fact that Gio was making a bold return to our screens.

A series of unbranded 10” ads played out on the Saturday and Sunday of the launch weekend, revealing the ad break time of the big surprise.

As part of our Proud to Present initiative, we then launched the impactful 90” ad with one of our own bespoke voiceovers in the first commercial break of Surprise Surprise. The launch was also supported with the hashtag #GioReturns to increase social media engagement around the big reveal.

The campaign was extended across multiple platforms as soon as the ad launched by activating a digital takeover across ITV.com and the ITV Hub on desktop, tablet and mobile. This included a full page takeover of the ITV Hub, Surprise Surprise programme page and the ITV Hub Splash Screen on mobile.

Supported by our own #GioReturns tweets from @itvmedia, the campaign kicked off to a truly impressive start.


The ad launched to an audience of 3.6 million and generated a huge response across social media with the hashtag #GioReturns.