Lloyds TSB: Cross Platform Delivers

The Challenge 

Llyods wanted to drive consideration and awareness of the Lloyds Mobile Banking App, ensuring that users were fully utilising the numerous features of the App. In addition, Lloyds wanted to increase brand consideration and spontaneous recall of the LloydsTSB brand in general.

The Idea 

In order to drive awareness, ITV needed to drive exposure of the Mobile Banking - For The Jourmey ads (watch on the right) to as much of the target audience as possible. Hence the campaign included large scale TV, VOD and mobile campaigns overlapped across various ITV media platforms.

The Results 

To measure the campaign’s effectiveness ITV used the cookie data on itv.com to identify viewers when they saw relevant ads. An overlay survey was also served to all itv.com visitors after the campaign ended so we could compare viewers who had seen the ads with those who hadn't.

Customers who were exposed to the TV and web campaigns were 74% more aware of the Lloyds Mobile Banking App, and those who were exposed to the mobile campaign as well were 169% more aware. 

Results also uncovered that exposure strengthens favourability towards Lloyds, and that brand affinity rises with the level of exposure. Increased exposure to the campaign elevates understanding of the App as well as brand consideration, image and the brand overall.

In conclusion, all post-ad reactions and call-to-action measures increased due to exposure to the campaign.

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    More aware of the Lloyds TSB app when exposed to the TV and Web campaigns