Matalan Fashion on This Morning


Drive Matalan’s in store and online sales by building the brand’s fashion credentials among a mass audience.


Affordable fashion gets a bad rap, we often think that cheap means compromising on style.  


To overcome this perception, we needed to associate the brand with credible, trusted fashion content.  Matalan therefore joined forces with ITV’s This Morning and Bauer’s Closer Magazine to create a cross-platform high-street experience, that felt anything but cheap. 


Matalan became the first ever sponsor of an in-show feature on This Morning. Every Tuesday, Matalan reached a fashion savvy audience via This Morning’s regular fashion segment. Break bumpers ran either side of sponsored content containing the tagline ‘Matalan Makes Fashion Sense’.

The segment was followed with a 90”, first in break spot ad. This enabled Matalan to communicate their full brand message and showcase seasonal ranges, while viewers were most susceptible to their messaging.

This Morning viewers love to seek out extra content around the show, we therefore continued the ‘fashion sense’ conversation online.  A co-branded section within included topical fashion advice, video content and links to where you could shop the look.

Finally, the partnership extended to Closer Magazine who complemented the TV activity with a campaign including magazine editorial content and an 8 page Gatefold each Tuesday.

The campaign received a huge push with a Brand TV burst. This 100% ITV campaign targeted huge ‘Conversation Starting’ programmes such as X Factor, Get Me Out of Here and Coronation Street.

This in-show media first allowed Matalan to speak to 5.9m women within ITV’s most trusted format. By weaving branded content alongside This Morning’s established and up-to-the-minute fashion editorial, we were able to create a powerful credibility halo effect.

The real key to success was multiplatform amplification, using This Mornings’ brand values we were able to launch unique content across several touch points. While broadcast content delivered on trust, online and print allowed deeper engagement with the brand and it’s ranges. By reaching the target audience in several of their favorite media environments simultaneously we made the brand highly visible in all the right places. 


  • Matalan online sales were up 46% with average visitor revenue being up 7% year on year
  • The This Morning activity reached 5.9m women across the 23 weeks with an average frequency of 10.5
  • The Brand activity reached 14.3m women across the 4 weeks with an average frequency of 4.3
  • Matalan have extended the partnership for a consecutive second burst on ITV adding Daybreak and ITV2 to the activity in order to reach a wider fashion conscious audience
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    Increase in Matalan online sales
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