Saturday Night Tastes Better With Coke

TV had to make it even more exciting for our viewers, engaging them with more on-screen activity, as well as taking the partnership in-store.

Key Statistics

  • 46,779 entrants across the Nov 2011 test
  • March and May 2012 bursts received over 28k and 37k entries respectively.
  • Sales rose by 2% in 2011
  • Q1 2012 seeing a 1.5% rise in sales

The Challenge

"Saturday night tastes better with Coca-Cola and ITV1" had been a successful partnership since 2010, the challenge was to make it even bigger and better in its the 3rd year.

The Insight

Research had already shown that ITV is the channel of choice for families. In particular Saturday nights, when they love to indulge in their favourite food & drink while watching their favourite shows together*. 

New research, however, identified even more dedicated viewers for whom Saturday night telly was the most important event in their week. We called them 'Super-fans'. These families literally count down the days to Saturday night. They love to interacted with our shows (voting, recommending and entering competitions), and fuel water cooler conversations throughout the week.

The Idea

In a media first we granted use of the ITV licence and created co-branded ITV and Coke Saturday night spots. These ads gave ‘Super-fans’ the ultimate prize of seeing their name up in lights and broadcast to millions. 

The Activation

‘Saturday night tastes better with Coke and ITV’ spots challenged viewers to answer a simple question about one of our shows for a chance to win a £250 supermarket voucher. Names of competition winners were then template into the following week’s ad to appear on ITV.

As well as engaging ITV Super-fans, Coca-Cola took the competition into major retail partners. In-store POS promoted the competition, inviting customers to drink Coke with meals whilst watching ITV1 on Saturday nights.

The campaign was tested in November 2011 for a four-week burst, & saw such positive results that activity was repeated in 2012.

The Results

  • The competition received 46,779 entrants across the Nov 2011 test burst alone, 142% higher than ITV average.
  • March and May 2012 bursts received over 28k and 37k entries respectively.
  • Sales of My Coke brands rose by 2% in 2011, with Q1 2012 seeing a 1.5% rise in sales. A massive return for a bold and ground-breaking new campaign!

* Source: TouchPoints 2 Diary – Women 25-54 with kids watching TV with Children 3 My Coke includes Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero

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