Standing by our men for Prostate Cancer UK

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Prostate Cancer is the deadliest form of Cancer in men and yet little is known about this disease. With one man dying every hour from it, it is Britain’s best-kept worst secret. The challenge for Prostate Cancer UK in this instance was how implement a small budget campaign with a media owner to raise awareness of a disease in a group of individuals who rarely pay attention to their health. 


Men are accustomed to ‘avoidance behaviour’ when it comes to health issues with studies showing that 58% avoid going to see their Doctor even when they have health insurance. 


As a result of this, ITV Corporate Responsibility came up with the brilliant idea of targeting women instead to encourage the men in their lives to become more aware of this lethal disease and talk more about health issues. The ‘Stand by your Man’ campaign was centred around Father’s Day; a day where men are at the forefront of women’s minds, in order to get women to make a pledge to help spread the word to the men in their lives, grandfathers, fathers, brothers, sons and partners about the potential symptoms and who is most at risk. 


-Editorial content

“Stand by your Man” was supported through editorial content in This Morning, Daybreak and Lorraine. Celebrities who have an association with the disease become charity ambassadors and got involved to spread the message; actress Tamzin Outhwaite appeared on ITV News urging men to recognise the signs and Emmerdale actress Gemma Oaten also appeared on Daybreak and ITV Calendar News stories to talk about her father’s battle with the disease.

-Online Activity

The shows also incorporated a cut-out pop-up of the campaign branding that celebrities would pose with to create further awareness via social media and further support was given by a specially created hub, which everything was directed to.

-ITV4 Father’s day Film

The whole campaign culminated with a powerful short mystery gangster film entitled, Father’s Day, screened on ITV4, featuring Ray Winstone with a cast list to die for, and with a message to live for.

-Creatively Placed TV Spot and VOD Ads

Throughout the campaign, TV spot ads were carefully placed in order to reinforce the campaign message on air as well as VOD. Ads were placed first in break after editorial content aired in the shows as well as throughout the Father’s Day film.


‘It was not a campaign, ITV launched a crusade’ PCUK Marketing Director

  • Prompted awareness of Prostate Cancer UK is 64% for those aware of the Stand By Your Man activity versus 33% for those unaware.
  • 57% of those aware of ITV activity had recent discussions related to cancer compared to 40% unaware
  • The number of Unique visitors to the Prostate cancer website increased by a whopping 260%
  • The number of donations the charity received throughout the campaign increased a huge 249%
  • ITV had 20,250 visits to the two main campaign pages on
  • Biggest ever spikes in visits to main site were on Father’s Day and 11 June, when Tamzin Outhwaite appeared on This Morning.
  • 0 %
    increase in the number of Unique visitors to the Prostate cancer website

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