The National Lottery with the Camelot Project


Every week The National Lottery (TNL) raises around £36m for good causes: it’s given that
winning feeling to 450,000 projects across the UK.

None of this would be possible without the people who buy lottery tickets every week – and
Camelot wanted to raise awareness of this and the huge range of causes they support. Our
mission was to help Camelot change perceptions, and help customers emotionally connect
their weekly National Lottery ticket with the good causes they support.


People may not connect with TNL as a large national brand – but we knew they would connect to real stories told by real people involved in meaningful projects in their local area.

ITV’s brand is about making our audience the hero, with on-screen channel idents showing real people in everyday scenes. We are also unique in our regional targeting; so we could adapt content for each ITV region, ensuring relevance and impact for local audiences.


We would work with The Story Lab and TNL to produce a series of short films – to be broadcast on ITV and shared online – voiced by charity volunteers and replicating ITV’s style.

Using the same director and production team that created our channel idents, we’d localise each film’s script to focus on the impact projects made in each ITV region.


We researched thousands of good causes and chose 10 that best showed the regionality and breadth of Camelot’s project support. We worked with The Story Lab to schedule production, so we could best match projects and key programming. For example, the Chesterfield Panthers (a grass roots sports project) aired during ITV’s Rugby World
Cup matches.

We adapted content for each region and tailored scripts to highlight other projects supported in each area. We made 14 regional versions of each film, to air as 30” spots, and we also aired and extended some films to 90”. In total, we produced 264 individual films.

A full series of extended versions were further shared on TNL’s website and their YouTube channel.


In the space of four months we’d conceived, produced and broadcast an authentic
campaign which produced jackpot results:

  • 0 %
    uplift in positivity
  • 0 %
    increase in awareness of TNL’s contribution to good causes.
  • 0 %
    increase in appreciation that “my local area benefits from lottery funding”