At this year's Showcase in Manchester we announced our new commercial, measurement and research initiatives. These initiatives are designed to make ITV content more accessible to advertisers, data more available to smaller brands and measurement more obtainable for everyone, enabling brands to capitalise on the multiplier effect from investment in TV advertising.  

We are making it more accessible for brands of all shapes and sizes to multiply their growth through investment on ITV, by using affordability, accountability and accessibility. I’m very proud to be announcing these initiatives on stage in Manchester to reinforce our investment outside London and the importance of our regional work Jason Spencer, ITV Business Development Director
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No matter the size of your brand, we're giving you better access to three key areas:

Better Access to Content

We were excited to share tasters of brand new shows including Big Brother, Love and Death and Mamma Mia: I Have A Dream, and to announce that we will be building multiple brand partnerships across new and existing programmes, mirroring the success of the variety of partnerships across Love Island.

Converged packages for advertisers are being launched on Big Brother, which have also already proved successful on Love Island, bringing a fixed price package of airtime across live linear on ITV2 and ITVX.

Better Access to Data

Data Match is ITV’s Planet V solution enabling insights, targeting, and full-funnel measurement using advertisers' own first party data. The entry threshold for Data Match has been reduced to just 100,000 subject to strong match rate, to make it more accessible to more brands to fuse their own customer data with ITVX registered data. 

Better Access to Measurement

We are making measurement more accessible with the launch of Geo-X by ITV, the new gold standard of regional TV measurement, to produce a fully rounded view of the outcomes from TV advertising and providing the service to brands completely free of charge.

Plus building on our strategic partnership with System1 -  the launch of Spike, a new research study which looks at how TV can be used for immediate short-term impact. Through a deep-dive in System1’s metric for short-term success, Spike, it was discovered that brands can aim for the Short without neglecting the Long by using distinctive assets within a narrative, leveraging humour, using Right Brain features, owning Fluent Devices, and applying all of the above with consistency.

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Econometrician and founder of Magic Numbers Dr Grace Kite: ways to make measurement more meaningful

Econometrician and founder of Magic Numbers Dr Grace Kite shared her top tips on making measurement more meaningful. Watch to find out what three free and easy things she believes any marketer can do and why people, not numbers, should be kept at the centre of measurement.

Read more about the Recovery Budget Planner here and see how the took works here. 

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video time: video title: Econometrician and founder of Magic Numbers Dr Grace Kite

System1 Chief Customer Officer Jon Evans: insights into creative effectiveness

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video time: video title: System1 Chief Customer Officer Jon Evans


System1 Chief Customer Officer Jon Evans shared new research findings on creative effectiveness. Watch to hear about the five things brands can do to drive short term sales, without neglecting long term brand building, and why gorillas playing cricket could be the secret to audience attention.

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