Ad Explore CTR Higher Than Originally Estimated

In 2012 we were excited to introduce our new Ad Explore VoD ad format, which involves an interactive overlay with a small menu of thumbnails which appears on the right-hand side at the beginning of the advert. The viewer is able to explore more about the brand by navigating through the thumbnails whilst the underlying video advertisement continues to play.

If the viewer so desires they are able to watch extra videos related to the brand, and view extra images all within the confines of the advertisement itself.

After finalising calculations for the underlying video CTR of Ad Explore in 2012, I'm pleased to say that the video CTR is much higher than original estimates and clocks in at 1.68% when campaign size is taken into account.

The CTR varies from 0.69% up to 2.74%, depending on the quality of the advertiser's content. The average panel interaction rate* is 2.34% and varies from 0.61% up to 8.47%, which is also depending on the advertiser. This large variance is, of course, because the desire to interact is very reliant upon the quality of the creative and calls-to-action.

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* Please note that the panel interaction rate is separate to the underlying click-through. In fact some of the panel interactions will be additional click throughs. You can add the two averages together for total interaction rates.