The Brits 2014 Generated The Highest Number of Tweets From a Single TV Transmission EVER

The Brits 2014 were broadcast live from the O2 on ITV on Wednesday evening; hosted by James Corden, the show featured performances from the Arctic Monkeys, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Ellie Golding amongst others.  The show broke records by generating a massive 4.1m tweets, which is the highest number of tweets from a single TV transmission EVER (recorded by secondsync)
In the table below, you can see the ranking of the Top 10 individual TV transmissions from June 2012 (when Second Sync started recording) to date. Last night's Brits ceremony generated almost 3 times as many tweets as the next highest programme in the ranking - and equally almost 3 times as many tweets as last years ceremony.

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The average Tweet per Minute (TPM) was also huge at 27,268.  To put this into context, in 2013 the highest PEAK TPM from any show was 22,081...

This goes to show how there was generally a huge amount of conversation going on around the entire show - despite the huge spikes (78,976 Peak TPM).

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One Direction managed to bag two awards last night (Global Success Award and British Video of the Year for 'Best Song Ever') - both of which generated huge amounts of tweets causing both of the highest spikes throughout the night.  The organic hashtag#britsonedirection was used 1.9m times throughout the ceremony and was the most used hashtag of the night.  Out of the total 4.1m tweets 1.7m were re-tweets - and the majority of these were about One Direction...!

I think it is very clear that there is definitely a '1D affect' involved in social conversation. One Direction have such a huge social media following and their fans use twitter as a platform to get closer to them. Any time the One Direction guys post a tweet or make a comment, it is guaranteed to be retweeted by almost all of their followers...For example Love Actually was broadcast on ITV on Christmas Day at 10.45pm. It's average TPM was 980 - pretty small - as you would expect for a late night film on Christmas Day...The Peak TPM however was 18,136 which was the 5th most talked about 'TV moment' in 2013! The reason for this was the '1D affect'! Harry Styles at the beginning of the film tweeted this...

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This was retweeted over 50,000 times in the first 4 minutes of the film!

I think this just goes to show how much ITV sits at the Heart of Popular Culture.  Social Media as we know can be a huge driver to TV viewing and in particular live TV viewing as people enjoy being part of the conversation.  By being at the Heart of Popular Culture and attracting the likes of award-winning, boy band One Direction members to view our content could potentially allow us a stronger foot in the door with the increasingly difficult to reach younger audiences...thanks 1D!

Other peak drivers of social conversation from last night's Brits ceremony include The Arctic Monkey's being crowned 'Best British Group', performances from Beyonce & Lorde, Bastille winning 'British Breakthrough Act' and Lorde winning 'International Female Solo Artist'.