Dom Joly is unleashed

Award-Winning prankster Dom Joly gets set to fool the nation in a brand new series commissioned for ITV1.

Fool Britannia, an ITV Studios production, turns the UK into Dom’s very own prank playground, poking fun at what it means to be British by unleashing a host of hilarious new characters and pranks.

No-one and nowhere is safe as Dom targets members of the public the length and breadth of Great Britain… they’re not even safe on holiday.

From our confusion with modern rules, our passion for queuing or our inability to complain, Dom’s colourful array of characters are set to shock, surprise and shine a light on the comedy state of the nation.

Merging our nation’s infectious ability to make fun of itself, together with Dom Joly’s unique talents, Fool Britannia is a distinctive new comedy series filled with memorable characters and new catchphrases which are guaranteed to provide hilarious results.

Dom Joly said: "I am so excited to start filming Fool Britannia for ITV1. We start filming soon and this is a final warning- wherever you are in the UK- you're not safe...."

John Kaye Cooper said, "We’re thrilled to have Dom Joly at the helm of this exciting new comedy series. His infectious, irreverent humour and distinctive take on the country’s unique traits will make this must see TV for our viewers."

Lee Connolly, Creative Director, Entertainment, ITV Studios said,
"We’ve always been up for laughing at ourselves in this country and Fool Britannia will continue that tradition as we travel the UK unleashing Dom’s fantastic array of bizarre and infuriating characters on the unsuspecting public."

Fool Britannia is an ITV Studios production for ITV1.

The series was ordered for ITV1 by John Kaye Cooper, Controller of Entertainment at ITV. The Executive Producer is Lee Connolly and the Series Producer is Greg Bower, ITV Studios.