It's Beginning to look a Lot Like Christmas in Television Land

Christmas is my time of year, its Santa’s time of year and now it also belongs to the retailers as they showcase and dominate the commercial channels with the innovative, strange, loveable, tear-jerking and the downright bizarre adverts.

I wholeheartedly throw myself into the spirit and nothing cements the lead up to the 25th December more thoroughly than the release of these big budget Christmas ads. Some several millions are spent on these productions and now they are moving beyond the television set and actively encourage consumers to take up their tablets, or as I prefer to see it: the John Lewis phenomenon of ‘cry and buy’.

Retailers are taking heed of this knowledge and utilizing a seasonal opportunity to test and bridge the gap between in-store and online commerce with palpable, positive results.

It seems I’m not the only one to be inveigled – John Lewis must be dancing with glee whilst I, and hopefully many more of you, blub with no abandon for every John Lewis Christmas launch (and subsequently every time the ad is aired).

Choosing The X Factor as its premiere platform, the social anticipation built over the previous weeks worked and the momentum rolled on past aforementioned premiere and continued throughout the weekend, culminating in over 6 million YouTube hits since it aired.

Christmas, it seems, is a popular time to showcase innovation, test the boundaries of new marketing strategies, especially in the digital arena – taking advantage of commercial opportunity and seasonal goodwill. As the retailers, year on year, recognise the need to create conversation and engage with their audience, content is increasingly key. And that content is raising bars on a yearly basis.

Innovation clearly breeds fierce contest as M&S and John Lewis fight metaphorically with fists of fairytales and hands of heartfelt morals. It seems the heartfelt path is the one to take this Christmas, the stats don’t lie: According to We are Social the twittersphere was alive with the sound of  #bearandhare with a 29% increase in tweeting and over 86,000 mentions on launch. 12,000 new Facebook fans and 7,000 new twitter followers.

This marketing strategy of heartstring pulling is working – that or John Lewis has been a very good retailer indeed this year – maybe Santa just has them on his nice list.

 Have your say below: which Christmas advert is your fave?