ITV Ad Sync Project Shortlisted

Today is a good day...I have a half day in the office before heading home to play the Greys Anatomy Board Game all afternoon and then party like it's 1999 for my friends birthday AND I've just found out we've been shortlisted for the AOP Research & Insight Project 2013 for a project I ran for the Rimmel London Ad Sync campaign in The X Factor last year.

It was a really exciting project to work on because of the nature of the new and niche format it involved (See Ad Sync page) but also because of the challenges we faced in researching it.  Ad innovations and in particular mobile ad innovations are quite tricky to measure from a research point of view, so we knew we had to think differently about our approach; but equally we had to consider the fact that this is such a new format and therefore we had to ensure that the research enabled us to gain insight to further aid the development of the format in the future.

We worked closely with a company called On Device research to implement a new approach to measuring the Ad Sync format, and were really pleased with the results. Not only was it a huge success for Rimmel London - proving that targeting the right people in the right place can have a really positive effect on the brand (see Ad Sync & Rimmel Case Study one-pager); but also gave us a great case study to help sell the format throughout the rest of the X Factor series - and to bring it back for the Britain's Got Talent app this year too.

Roll on the 6th June for the winners to be revealed - VOTE AD-SYNC & ITV!