Iceland and I'm a Celeb Case Study


Paul & Nick talked us through the evolution of one of TV’s longest and most successful partnerships: Iceland & I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. They told us the story of how the partnership has evolved from a sponsorship in 2006 into a connected system in 2014.

As the show has grown and grown (to its biggest ever in 2013), the partnership needed to evolve, to deliver bigger and better connections to digital and social, improving relationships with compliance, and maximising use of licensing to drive commercial value.

These changes have led to the following initiatives that make the partnership more connected than ever:

  • The ITV sponsorship has gone fully multi-platform, with bespoke content, behind the scenes footage, the I’m a Celebrity website and in-programme polls have all added extra layers of engagement
  • Six celebrities from the show have been used for Iceland campaigns and activations
  • The brand features in store for floor graphics, on windows, and badges for staff
  • Special ‘I’m a Celebrity’-themed meal deals
  • Creating a ‘Bushtrucker Trial’ themed game and meal which sold for £5 and sold out in less than two weeks
  • Using stars for the show online and for staff events – including running a bushtrucker trial with Ashley Roberts for Iceland store managers
  • Twitter has driven significant extra engagement across the whole series and allows added potential to cross-promote licensed products that are available in-store

In summary: The best partnerships are super-connected ones. They require significant investment in terms of time and people, but it’s worth doing as the extra connections can drive significant business results