ITV offers ITV Player app with optional ad free subscription

ITVPlayer_newsITV today announced the launch of a new version of the ITV Player app for Apple devices, making ITV the first commercial broadcaster to give mobile viewers the option to watch catch up content without ads.

The new version of the app is part of ITV’s ongoing strategy to test new business models in the online arena and deliver content to viewers in new and exciting ways. ITV continues to take advantage of the opportunities arising from changes in consumer behavior, in particular the surge in mobile viewing, and the increased number of platforms that support high quality content.

The new ITV Player app for Apple devices introduces a premium upgrade, which allows viewers to watch the last thirty days of ITV’s catch up content across ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV without advertising, as well as live simulcast of ITV3 and ITV4 via wifi and 3G. The upgrade costs £3.99 per month.

ITV’s catch up content with ads and live simulcast of ITV’s flagship channel and ITV2 remain part of the ITV Player app for free. When users update the application on their iPhone, iPad or iTouch, they will be given the option to subscribe to ITV Player Premium to receive access to the ad-free content and additional live channels.

James Micklethwait, Online Product Director, ITV said: “As part of ITV’s ongoing Transformation Plan, a key priority for the online team is to drive new revenue streams by exploiting our content across multiple platforms, and the launch of the ad-free ITV Player app is a further step on that journey.”

Steven Power, Product Manager for ITV Player on Mobile, said: “As ITV Player on mobile devices continues to grow – over 7 million downloads on iOS to date – it is important we deliver innovative business models and adapt the product to the evolving market. I’m genuinely excited that we’re the first commercial broadcaster to offer viewers the choice to watch content with or without advertising.”