Local Weather

Discover the power of local weather sponsorship to drive your brand and business

In a nutshell

Our local weather can be sponsored in each of our 11 regions. It’s often seen as the friendly, trusted face of TV. 

Tell me more

The sponsorship idents alone cover 36 bulletins a week across 52 weeks a year. Beyond this, we can create a tailored activation and licensing plan to make the sponsorship work harder – such as using our weather presenters to bring the campaign to life by creating extra content; or rotating seasonal or weather-related messaging.

What’s in it for me?

Reaching more people than Corrie or X Factor is only the start. Brand scores – from trust to consideration levels – will surge. Alongside this, it is great media value, and will help turbocharge sales.

Which categories does this work best for?

We brought this to life at Showcase for professional services and home retail, but we know we can make this work for any category.

What next?

If you are interested, please contact Jason.Spencer@itv.com or one of the team so we can share case studies and show you how we can turbocharge your campaign.



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