Nationwide Reaps Rewards of PP

Nationwide reaps the rewards of long-term branded placement activity in Coronation Street, says Commercial Research Manager John Krzyzanowski. 

Nationwide is now two years into the longest-running “paid for” branded product placement activity on UK television.

In mid November 2011, a Nationwide ATM machine appeared in Dev’s corner shop and a complimentary Nationwide swingboard was placed outside. This was followed with the addition of a Nationwide poster inside the bus shelter in 2012.

ITV Commercial Research has been tracking and researching this activity across the last two years and we are pleased to see that Nationwide has benefited with a rise in brand awareness and positive opinion of the brand amongst Coronation St viewers.

It was clear from our research conducted before deregulation that branded placements in one our flagship programmes would be viewed positively, if handled with care under editorial guidance. The fact that Nationwide has been seamlessly and naturally integrated into the programme is a credit to how well our commercial, production, research and editorial teams work together in this new commercial environment.

Importantly, for viewers, the placement activity has not affected their enjoyment of the programme and for some it has actually improved their opinion, as they would expect to see brands appear as they do in everyday life.

The long-term benefits of this placement are a rise in brand recall, improvements in the perceptions of Nationwide and a “normalising” of the brand from the viewers’ perspective.

We have also seen increased sensitivity to other Nationwide marketing activities with significant uplifts in spontaneous recall, talkability and brand advocacy amongst viewers.

In the UK, branded product placements are now another fledgling activity in the development of brand conversations with consumers.  Our research indicates that branded products embedded in the programme narrative naturally become part of the viewers’ brand experience and an implicit connection is made with the brand.  This ‘implicit’ understanding can clearly be activated by other marketing and sales activities, providing great opportunities for brands.

We are still learning about how best to unlock the value of ITV programme placements and will provide more insight in 2014....