Tess Alps bursts our TV Bubble

Tess Alps started out a working class girl from Nottinghamshire, who just loved the Telly. Throughout her career, she has faced many successes and challenges and it's fair to say she has seen it all when it comes to Advertising. As current Chair of Thinkbox and huge advocate for Advertising on TV, she has zero tolerance towards the whispers of the death of TV. Her most recent podcast with Media Masters, hosted by Paul Blanchard, provides a frank and honest insight into the mind of Tess, self proclaimed wise old bird.

We are reminded that despite the ongoing nonsense written against TV, it is important to put the facts in front of people and show them that TV is not dying, it's actually transforming. We are instead seeing a world where digital, online and social all merge to collaborate and complement advertising and quality content on TV. Tess passionately asserts that people should stop linking the health and wealth of the Internet to TV, and embrace both; there is room for everyone in the industry after all.

As a leading Marketing body for Commercial TV in the UK, Thinkbox aims to explain to people how TV works, and to engage with Advertisers so they can understand how to use it better as it continues to change. It is important that we don't knock other mediums as it is crucial to learn to work together, for the benefit of us all.

Tess Alps , Chair of Thinkbox

Tess does not hesitate when she says that ignorance and short termism, are the biggest threats to TV Advertising in 2017. Tess referenced a recent study conducted by Ipsos where AD Nation delved into the opinions of our leading Marketers, and how they think consumers behave. To put it simply, they got it all wrong. We must think of the entire general public when trying to understand consumer behaviour, not one fraction of the population who lives in a media bubble.This ignorance is a problem for our industry, and a catalyst for misunderstanding consumer behaviour entirely. With the consumer being at the heart of Advertising this needs to be re addressed with more accurate research taking place. The stats don't lie, Marketers just need to get it right.

The Short Term versus Long Term battle is an ongoing one in Advertising. Tess explains that we must find a balance between the two in order to sustain growth and build brands with longevity. Often Sales can be seduced by the double edged sword of activation media. You get the instant hit, but the brand will eventually run out of steam, and profits. It is crucial to think long term when building lovable brands and emotional investment to them. And TV has proven its long term brand building credentials, with it's untouchable scale and reach. TV continues to roll in the ROI due to it's sheer number of eyeballs watching. There is a real sense of an emotional journey with our TV, an experience and relationship one can't compare to a kindle, ipad or smartphone.

There are so many different ways to use TV, and as Tess puts it ''Creativity is everything, and should not be dismissed''. Creative partnerships and Sponsorships are a brilliant example of connecting a brand to consumers through premium content, and making them laugh, smile, and cry at the same time. Tess referenced our fantastic Suzuki sponsorship for our very own Ant and Dec's Saturday night takeaway show, as well as our Downton Abbey and Amazon sponsorship; a fine example of digital embracing TV. It's worth knowing that online brands are the second biggest advertiser now on TV, which should hush the haters. One thing we can't deny is that the world as we know it is changing, and we need to adapt, continue to create, and engage with consumers' changing needs and perceptions.

Tess Alps , Chair of Thinkbox

Tess predicts many things through her crystal ball for us. There will be little print left, and VOD, BVOD and SVOD will grow enormously. Hopefully our old friend BARB will have revisited it's measurement methods to reflect the huge shift in how content is being consumed, be it online or on the Telly. We will see more programmatic and addressable advertising, tailored to individual's needs and wants, which in turn will bring in hundreds of new Advertisers to TV. Hopefully we will see a more long term approach to building brands, John Lewis for example only started advertising on TV ten years ago, and look at them now! It is a no brainer that TV companies should speak out and show their teeth when savaged by critics. TV is no longer just a box in the corner of a room, it is a window to the world outside, and the business we are in is about people. As for the future, no one can be too sure of what's in store for us. Tess though, will only be interested in companies that plan to make Advertising a better world, to take and make the industry a cleaner and more successful place; and we couldn't agree more.

Make sure you tune in and listen : http://www.mediafocus.org.uk/tess-alps