Test ITV Hub

The ITV Hub

Introducing the ITV Hub... A place where telly lovers can find all the programmes they love and new programmes to fall in love with.

A destination that forgets the rules of time and space, where you can watch TV from the past, present or future - it’s ITV’s little telly time machine.

We're aiming to be the most watched, most loved and most talked about VOD service in the UK and with over 12 million registered users and 726 million long form requests last year alone, our VOD service has truly come of age.

Replacing ITV Player and itv.com across mobile, PC and connected TV, the ITV Hub will become the new digital destination for all our TV channels and online services.

Live streaming of our channels accounts for over 30% of usage on PC and mobile, and is at the heart of the new service, offering a compelling TV-like experience across all devices.

The service has already extended its digital reach, now available on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, and the new Freeview Play service. The desktop PC service is completely new and sees a merger between ITV’s on demand pages and show websites.

The enriched browser experience across desktop, mobile and tablet means that brands are now able to expand on our platforms and reap the benefits of a greater design and user experience. 

It takes the fear out of FOMO and keeps you cool around the water cooler. It’s a 21st century experience for the VOD age.

What Test ITV Hub can do for brands:

  • Brand new ITV Hub replacing ITV Player and itv.com
  • Over 12 million registered users
  • Refreshed User Experience & Design
  • New Registration Solution
  • Accessible on Mobile Devices
  • Better Site Infrastructure
  • More Editorial Control
  • VOD advertising campaigns can significantly increase brand metrics such as awareness, purchase intent and favourability, over and above a standard TV campaign.
  • ITV Hub will see new episodes of Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy and American Dad! available to viewers for the first time on catch up

Ad formats available

  • Splash Reveal on the ITV Hub Home Page
  • New format for Programme and Episode pages
  • Premium Pushdowns on ITV Show Pages
  • Ad Explores
  • Standard VoD
  • Standard IAB Display formats