Tombola partners with Loose Women on ITV

ITV Commercial today announced that tombola, britain’s biggest bingo site, will be sponsoring Loose Women when the new series returns to ITV’s flagship channel on the 8th.

Dawn-Elizabeth Howe, Head of Marketing at tombola, said: "Loose Women has a sense of fun and community which is a perfect fit for tombola - britain’s biggest bingo site. With this sponsorship, we hope to continue to build our community of players. As part of the partnership, we have launched a new magazine lifestyle hub on the tombola website incorporating a range of innovative initiatives to complement the sponsorship off air.”

Jason Spencer, Business Development Director at ITV, said: “We are delighted to welcome back tombola as a sponsor of ITV programming following their sponsorship of Emmerdale in 2009, and look forward to working with them to make this exciting and integrated partnership a success both on and off air.”

Paul Gibbon, Director of Broadcast at MediaCom in Manchester, commented: “Loose Women will inspire conversation and debate on, which will run in conjunction with promotional activity, aiming to engage tombola players old and new.”