Two Great Soaps, One Channel

Not only are Coronation Street and Emmerdale hugely important to our channel and our brand, they’re also part of the fabric of the nation. They entertain on a huge scale and every week, millions of people tune in to follow their dramatic plotlines and characters’ lives.

To celebrate our soaps and drive audience viewing through the big storylines we have coming up this summer, we’ve developed a new marketing campaign featuring a selection of both Coronation Street and Emmerdale cast reciting Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 (shall I compare thee to a summer’s day...). The soaps give us drama on a daily basis; reflecting our own lives and giving us relatable stories with outrageous twists. They are the modern-day Shakespeare, entertaining the masses and delivering drama. time after time, so we felt that Sonnet 18 helps to highlight this comparison.

The full one minute promotional film makes a bold brand statement about our soaps. This airs for the first time tonight, then throughout the summer storyline promos will run alongside the film to promote the drama in Coronation Street and Emmerdale as it unfolds.

We’re hugely excited to be using both of our soaps and their brands together for the first time to create this unique film that undoubtedly shows that ITV is Where Drama Lives.