ITV is the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK and we're proud to be the Most Loved and Most Watched.

In 2015 ITV showed:

  • The most watched entertainment programme BGT Final watched by 12.7m
  • The most watched drama on any channel 10.9m watched Downton Abbey on Christmas Day.
  • The most watched soap Coronation Street averaged 8 million in 2015 , compared to 7.1m for Eastenders.
  • The most watched sport England v Wales Rugby World Cup 9.7m on the 26th September.
ITV is the only commercial channel that regularly attracts big audiences and accounts for 98.1% of commercial programmes attracting more than 5m viewers.
The top 616 commercial programmes of 2015 were on ITV.
The channel's average weekly reach is 68% 

Meet the ITV Family

Key Points

The ITV Family reaches all key demographics:

  • 75% ABC1’s
  • 73% ABC1 Men 
  • 66% 16-34's
  • 71% 16-34 Women
  • 84% Housewives
  • 10.9m Tuned in for the Downton Abbey finale on Christmas Day
  • 98.1% of commercial programmes attracting more than 5m were on ITV

Our Clients On Advertising with ITV

Regional broadcasting

One of ITV's biggest USPs for advertisers is our regional flexibility. ITV is the only broadcaster that allows advertisers to target consumers on a national, macro, regional and micro region level.

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ITV advertising opportunities

There are a wealth of options available for reaching out to this programmes audiences.

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    • Airtime


      Our ITV airtime can help you achieve your ambition – from building high awareness of your brand quickly, to maintaining brand reputation, or driving direct response.

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    • Video


      Our ITV Hub is the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster VoD service, offering you targeted incremental reach with multiple ad executions across all devices.

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      Second Screen

      The ideal environment to create an active conversation and engagement between brand and viewers.

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