ITV is the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK and proud to be the Most Loved and Most Watched.

In 2014 we featured:

  • Biggest New Drama Cilla
  • Most Watched Soap Coronation Street
  • Biggest Entertainment Programmes Britain's Got Talent, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Now!
  • Most Watched Programme England V Uruguay
  • Award-winning News and Factual Long Lost Family, On Assignment, The Agenda, Broadmoor

ITV is the only commercial channel which regularly attracts big audiences
99.4% of commercial programmes attracting more than 5m viewers

The top 525 commercial programmes of 2014 were on ITV

ITV viewers are more attentive
83% of ITV viewers watch for at least 20 minutes, making it very likely they will have seen an ad break 

Meet the ITV Family

Key Points

The ITV Family reaches all key demographics:

  • 85% of Housewives
  • 69% of 16-34's
  • 77% of ABC1 Adults
  • 75% of ABC1 Men
  • 72% 16-34 Women
  • 41.3m ITV reach of Indiviuals per week
  • 99.4% of commercial programmes attracting more than 5m were on ITV

Our Clients On Advertising with ITV

Regional broadcasting

One of ITV's biggest USPs for advertisers is our regional flexibility. ITV is the only broadcaster that allows advertisers to target consumers on a national, macro, regional and micro region level.

Click on any area to find region specific rates and facts.

ITV advertising opportunities

There are a wealth of options available for reaching out to this programmes audiences.

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